General information

O. W. Erlewine Mission and Vision

O.W. Erlewine Mission Statement

We, the community of O.W. Erlewine School, will create an environment where students and adults come together cooperatively to strive for academic achievement and social-emotional growth.  We will encourage responsibility, self-respect, and collaboration so that students will achieve success today and in the future.

O.W. Erlewine School Vision

The students, staff, families, and the larger community of O.W. Erlewine School are committed to working harmoniously, in a spirit of mutual trust, collaboration, and shared decision-making to pursue excellence in education.

Our students will become college and career ready through a positive and safe learning environment which emphasizes:

students learning by doing hands on activities

project based/thematic instruction learning

developing critical thinking skills

collaboration with other students and the teacher

collaboration between teachers

extended learning and enrichment activities beyond the school day

the state of the art technology

the use of a unique one acre outdoor learning environment


We are committed to creating a school that values and embraces academic achievement and strives for students to reach their full potential.