Taking Quizzes

Students can take quizzes:                                  updated September 2017

  • In the library:
    • During their class library time
    • During lunch recess (with a pass from their teacher)
    • On Thursday evenings between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.
  • Some classrooms also allow time for quizzes
  • Quizzes can only be taken on school-network computers, although the books can be read anywhere ; – )

The program keeps track of many different aspects. 

It records which quizzes are taken, the number of attempts and correct answers, the frequency of students taking quizzes, and other important information.  In addition, it is a wonderful test-taking practice for students, especially for tests where students must read a passage and then answer questions.

Where to find Quiz Titles

An alphabetical list of quiz books is in the school library and on the O.W. Erlewine library web page.  New quizzes are added each year.