Teacher Profile

Ms. Elliott
6th Grade

     Welcome to Room 16!   It’s going to be another exciting year for the new 6th grade class!   We will make this last year of elementary school one to always remember!

     This year, we will continue with our intermediate Block schedule, which we successfully implemented last year to prepare the upper grades for an easier transition to middle school.  Our class, plus Mrs. Webb’s 5th-6th graders and Mrs. O’Toole’s 5th graders rotate daily between classes for different subjects.  Each morning, all students stay in their home room for two hours.  During that time, students will be instructed in English Language Arts and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  They will also have their PE and Library times.  After recess, our class goes to Mrs. O’Toole for Math and then comes back to our room for Science with me until lunch.  After lunch, the students end the day with Mrs. Webb for history.  This rotation worked extremely well last year, and our intermediate Block team looks forward to continuing the Block schedule again.

     One benefit of the Block schedule is the fact that I taught almost every student in Science last year, so I am quite familiar with them and their various learning styles and unique personalities!  I’m looking forward to the students and parents helping me to make this school year the best one ever!