Teacher Profile

Ms. Warren-grades 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Primary Special Education Class/ Room15

Welcome to our class!  We are looking forward to a having enjoyable school year.

Classroom Rules

1. We raise our hands to speak

2. We work quietly at our seat

3.We use voices soft and sweet

4. We keep to ourselves hands and feet

5. We are helpful, friendly and fair

6. We take turns and willingly share

Behavior Management:

Our class use  signal light system

Green- You are making good choices and following the rules

Yellow- Warning! Stop and think.

Red-  STOP!!! loss of privileges (recess, computers)

For every day students stay in green, they will receive a sticker on their sticker chart. . When the chart is full, the students can pick from the prize box. 

Homework Routine:

Every Monday a homework folder is sent home. The students return the  homework folder on Friday. For every homework folder returned, the  students will  receive a stick for their homework chart. When the homework chart is filled, the students can choose a prize from the prize box or a one day  NO homework pass.

Class Curriculum:

We will be following the Kindergarten common core standards for Math, English Language Arts, and Science. We will be using the Second Step and safe life for social study.

Field trips, special Presentation and guest

.Field Trips:  Swimming at the YMCA  Dates:October 15, 22,29,and November 5th  Time: 9:30-11:45

Other field trip  TBA

Special Presentations

 Weather Presentation with Mrs. Lozano’s class

Presenter: Dirk Verdoorn- Meteorologist (from KCRA)

Date: January 20th 9:3010:3

Special Guest

We are pleased announced, we have Mr. Marc Vangere (dance instructor from ballroom of Sacramento) coming in twice a month to teach Rumba line dancing  to our students and students from room 14.


It is important for your child attend school everyday, however if your child is sick or unable to attend school. Please call the school office and transportation.