Academic Programs

Academic Programs


The general education program at O. W. Erlewine is based on the California Common Core Language Arts and Math Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and California’s History-Social Science Standards.

Physical Education

Students in first through sixth grades have at least 45 minutes of P.E. with a Physical Education Teacher each week. In addition, classroom teachers provide an extra 45 minutes of P.E. each week for their students in order to meet the state requirement for physical education.

Gifted and Talented Education and High Achievers

The O.W. Erlewine staff works hard at ensuring all students remain motivated and challenged.  Teachers provide differentiated opportunities within the classroom and outside the classroom to meet the needs of high achieving students.  Please communicate with your child’s teacher about any questions you may have regarding providing your child with enrichment opportunities.  In addition, after school enrichment classes are available for students in grades three through six.  


In order to check out books from the library, students must return a signed parent permission slip, which is included in the first day packet sent home with all students.  Students are charged for lost or damaged library books. Library visitations are regularly scheduled for all classes. O. W. Erlewine’s School Library houses over 12,000 books, including a videotape collection used by the staff for instruction. The library is used for multiple purposes at O. W. Erlewine: meetings, tutoring, after-school programs and class library visits. Each class visits the library each week on a designated library day. (Please check with your child’s teacher regarding your child’s library day.) Our goal is to assist students to seek and find information independently with the knowledge of various genres, subject areas and the Dewey Decimal Classification. This knowledge enables students to use public libraries and other libraries with confidence. 

Throughout the school year, students of all grade levels learn and review proper library book care, receive guidance of selecting books appropriate for the students’ reading level, subject matter and curriculum of respective grades.

A few suggestions for parents/guardians:

  • Review the school library policies, procedures and rules with your student.
  • Read to your student daily (grades K-3+).
  • Encourage your student to read 20 minutes or more each day.
  • Remind your student to return his/her library book(s) promptly.
  • Visit the local public library with your student.
  • Help your student to apply for a public library card and use it.


O.W. Erlewine has 6-12 computers in every classroom and 2 classroom carts. Our site is also wireless, enabling teachers to use technology in their classrooms. All classrooms at Erlewine are connected to the Internet through a district filter which screens out inappropriate web sites. An internet/computer permission slip, included in your first day of school packet, is required in order for the student to use the Internet. All of our classrooms have SMART interactive whiteboards. The teachers in those classrooms have committed to learn how to use this wonderful technology to enhance learning in their classrooms. They have attended training on how to best use this technology to benefit their instruction. All teachers and staff have email access. All teachers have laptops and LCD projectors in their classrooms to enhance student learning. We will be using the I-Ready Math and ELA programs. Students may use the programs from home.