Volunteering Information


We value the contributions that parents and community members make in our schools. We welcome volunteers in our classrooms and on our campuses.

  • All visitors/volunteers must sign in at the school office and wear a visitor badge prior to going onto the campus. Visitors must sign out before leaving the campus. The SCUSD has implemented an extensive volunteer screening program. All volunteers must complete a form allowing a background check before volunteering and a current TB test on file in the office. If a parent/guardian wants to chaperone on field trips, etc., s/he must be first fingerprinted at the district office. There is a fee for this service. Siblings are not allowed in classrooms, workrooms or common rooms. Classroom volunteers are under the direct supervision of teachers and administrators while on campus.
  • It is the District policy that cell phones and other personal electronic communication devices may not be used in a manner that interrupts or distracts students or staff members in the performance of assigned duties, except for emergency purposes. Please set phones to “silent” mode while on campus. Phone calls should be made in areas away from instructional activities and outside of the office.
  • There are times when a volunteer may see or hear something in a classroom or on the campus regarding a student’s academic progress, a discipline issue or other matter that must be kept confidential. Therefore, we ask volunteers to be aware that individual student information should not be discussed with anyone other than the appropriate school officials.