Report an Absence


To report/clear an absence the form below should be completed by a student’s parent or guardian. 

Office staff will call to verify as necessary.

Please read the following options thoroughly and select the reason that best describes why your student was or will be absent. If the student will be out more than 3 days please request Independent Study information from office staff. 

THANK YOU for helping your student attend as often as possible in order to stay on track. Attendance MATTERS!

Access Report Cards Digitally
The report card information will be available online through our Infinite Campus parent portal. You can access this information in real-time and from your home.

Access Report Cards Digitally

For the latest student report cards, our district has decided to go paperless but want to make sure parents still have access to students’ grades. Here is what you need to do to access your students’ grades:

You can skip steps 1 – 3 by clicking on the Infinite Campus link on the Resource page.

1.  Visit our website at

2. And, select Infinite Campus. Make sure to choose the Student/Parent option.

3. On the log-in page, choose the Campus Parent option.