Terri Webb
Sixth Grade


My name is Terri Webb, and I have been at O.W. Erlewine since 2003.  I was initially introduced to Erlewine’s amazing community as a parent.  At this point, I already had my teaching credential, so I began to substitute in various classes as needed.  When my youngest son started kindergarten in 2005 I began team-teaching with Mrs. Rovane.  We taught together for several years.  I eventually moved on to first grade and then finally began to work full time in third grade.  After spending some time in third grade, I made the shift to intermediate and loved it!  Intermediate is where I am today, teaching fifth or sixth grade, sometimes both! 

When I am not teaching, I LOVE to travel!  Internationally or domestically, for a day or a week, in a hotel or a tent- it doesn’t matter!  Exploring the outdoors is an important part of re-charging my battery!  I also spend a lot of time volunteering for Canine Companions for Independence as a puppy raiser.  I am currently co-raising my third puppy, Castle II and getting ready to send Jean IV off to Professional Training.  In the picture above are Canine Companion Puppies in training Castle II (left) and Jean IV (right).  When I have time, I also enjoy reading, playing tennis, and attending Sacramento Republic FC soccer games. Go Republic!


After completing my studies to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies at California State University, Sacramento, I continued my education through the CSUS Teacher Credential Program.  By the end of the program, I received my Teaching Credential as well as a Supplementary Authorization in English and Social Science.   Recently, I completed course work for a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology through Concordia University, Irvine.