About Reading Counts

About the Reading Counts Program


Why We Use Reading Counts!

  1. Reading achievement is positively related to the amount of reading accomplished.
  2. Vocabulary and concept knowledge can be built through reading.
  3. Carefully-selected reading practice is one of the best ways to strengthen reading skills and foster the reading habit.
  4. Motivation is essential for maintaining a student’s sustained attention on reading.
  5. Comprehension, the goal of effective reading instruction, requires wide reading, responding to questions, and talking and writing about what is read.
  6. Struggling readers require a supportive literacy environment as part of a carefully planned intervention program.
  7. Families and communities have a critical role in helping students become successful readers.
  8. Assessment and evaluation are necessary in order to check student progress and adjust instruction.

Why Reading Counts works

  1. Kids read what they like.
  2. Readers get instant feedback.
  3. Students can earn points based on the length and complexity of each book they read, helping to establish concrete goals.
  4. Students are awarded incentives such as Eagle Bucks, pencils, bookmarks, and raffle tickets based on the number of points earned.  Points are counted and awards distributed every week.  A raffle is held each week
  5. At the end of each trimester the classroom that read the most quiz books receives a certificate (primary/intermediate).
  6. Students receive a certificate and have their names posted in the cafeteria if they have earned at least 20 points that trimester.