Reading Counts!


Reading Counts in Our School!

Making our students better readers is an important goal at O.W. Erlewine.  To help us achieve our goal we have implemented Scholastic’s Reading Counts reading program.  Scholastic Reading Counts is a computer based reading motivation and management program that helps encourage and monitor independent reading to turn kids into avid readers, boost reading ability and raise test scores.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Students select books from a collection of hundreds of titles.
  2. Students read the books at their own pace.
  3. Students take short quizzes on the computer to verify comprehension.

About the Reading Counts! Quiz

Reading Counts! randomly selects 10 questions from a bank of 20,so each quiz is unique. Students may take a quiz more than once, if necessary, with different questions each time. Seven or more correct of the 10 questions are needed to pass the quiz and  earn the points for each quiz book.

Reading Counts! instantly acknowledges success with a congratulation screen,  personalized with the student’s name. With many different screens, students are eager to find out which one they’ll get! Students who pass their Quiz are asked to give their feedback in the Read-O-Meter.



Taking Quizzes

Students can take quizzes:                                  updated September 2017

  • In the library:
    • During their class library time
    • During lunch recess (with a pass from their teacher)
    • On Thursday evenings between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.
  • Some classrooms also allow time for quizzes
  • Quizzes can only be taken on school-network computers, although the books can be read anywhere ; – )

The program keeps track of many different aspects. 

It records which quizzes are taken, the number of attempts and correct answers, the frequency of students taking quizzes, and other important information.  In addition, it is a wonderful test-taking practice for students, especially for tests where students must read a passage and then answer questions.

Where to find Quiz Titles

An alphabetical list of quiz books is in the school library and on the O.W. Erlewine library web page.  New quizzes are added each year.